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Reach Out For Help With Your Ohio Divorce

Few people get married expecting their marriages to end in divorce. Unfortunately, however, divorce is common in our culture. It may lead to hardship and heartache for many people. It may also provide the ticket to a more peaceful future when marital discord has made life extra difficult.

Whatever your personal story is that has led you to consider divorce, you need a lawyer to help protect your rights. Do you and your spouse agree on the terms of your divorce? Even in the case of an uncontested divorce, it is important to get legal advice to ensure that you do not leave loose ends unaccounted for.

Whether your needs are best served through mediation or litigation, you can find the help you need at my firm, George E. Pattison Attorney at Law. I am George E. Pattison, and I will take the time necessary to understand your needs and goals and work with you to determine the best strategy to meet them. I can explain how the laws of Ohio apply to your family’s situation. I can help you pursue the most favorable outcome attainable for you and your children.

My Practice Areas For Clients Approaching Divorce

At George E. Pattison Attorney at Law, you can expect personalized counsel and efficient yet thorough representation in all areas of divorce and dissolution, including:

Get Answers That Are Right For Your Family

When you wonder what to do as your marriage is dissolving, I am here to help. You may be planning to file for divorce or you may need representation to protect your interests after your spouse has done so. In either case, we can guide you toward the best outcome for your future.

To discuss your case with an attorney who understands Ohio family law inside and out, call 513-286-3392 or fill out this online contact form. Schedule a confidential consultation and get started on a secure path as your divorce approaches resolution.