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Any type of legal dispute is serious and likely to be stressful. But for most people, family law matters are especially difficult. A divorce or child custody dispute changes the very structure of home and family life.

At a time like this, you can’t afford to hire just any lawyer. You need the help of an experienced attorney.

I am George E. Pattison, Attorney at Law. I have over four decades of diverse legal experience in Southwestern Ohio, including family law. In addition to representing clients in private practice, I have helped shape state laws and policies related to family law. In 1984, I was the only prosecutor serving on the Governor’s Commission on Child Support Enforcement. I was also involved in drafting child support enforcement legislation.

My experiences as a prosecutor, a judge and an attorney in private practice have allowed me to see complex family dynamics from all sides. I now use that broad perspective to better serve clients in family law matters.

Family Law Services

As an attorney with decades of family law experience, I am able to offer clients legal help with a wide variety of family-law matters, including:

My Approach To Family Law Cases

Family law issues are rarely ever isolated. Outcomes in divorce, child custody, child support and spousal support matters will all affect one another. I look at each client as a whole person, rather than just a set of legal issues.

With each client, I ask simple but important questions: What is the best result for this client? What do they want to do and what can they afford? How can we achieve lasting solutions while minimizing stress and costs?

Whenever possible, I encourage amicable and peaceful resolutions in family law matters, which are often achieved through negotiation. Few clients have the desire, the money or the mental energy needed to engage in contentious litigation. That being said, I am prepared to engage in litigation if it is necessary and in your best interests.

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