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Legal Advice On Zoning And Property Usage

Have you run into challenges getting zoning approval to use or develop your property in the manner you see fit? Has a landlord or adjacent property owner challenged your property usage plans or current practices? Whatever zoning difficulties you are facing or hope to avoid, an attorney with experience in these issues can be an invaluable ally. You can get answers and guidance as you look for solutions that work.

Whatever your role is and whatever issues need clarification, you can turn to me, zoning lawyer George E. Pattison. I understand the regulations and laws pertaining to zoning in Clermont County.

Legal Advice Making Progress Possible

Zoning issues are often challenging and confusing to resolve because they are handled differently at a local level. Municipal laws and government structures often differ. Commercial tenants and prospective builders may need help understanding the best ways to move forward when obstacles and controversies arise.

At my law firm, George E. Pattison Attorney at Law, I provide planning assistance and representation in all areas of zoning, including:

  • Property use permits
  • Customization of lease agreements in conformity with zoning laws
  • Zoning board hearings and appeals
  • Change of use

Naturally, you don’t want to make investments if your planned property uses might be squelched by local authorities. I will help you get the definitive answers that you need to proceed confidently with purchase, sale, building, property improvements or other goals that you have.

Get Answers And Direction About Your Zoning Issues

Whether you need help changing the zoned use of property or representation at a hearing, I can provide the necessary assistance.

To discuss your case with a lawyer who has knowledge about eminent domain and zoning and an appreciation of your unique concerns, call 513-286-3392. You may also fill out this online contact form to request a consultation with me at your earliest convenience.