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Protecting Those Accused Of Domestic Violence

If you are facing any criminal allegations related to domestic violence, the choices you make today will impact your life tomorrow. Your need for personalized legal advice is acute at this time.

I am attorney George E. Pattison, and I provide aggressive representation for people accused of domestic violence or assault. I draw on decades of experience and a strong track record representing people charged with serious crimes.

Our State Laws On Domestic Violence

Under Ohio law, if a police officer is called to the scene of a domestic dispute, an arrest must be made at the scene, to remove one of the disputing parties and diffuse the situation. In short, someone WILL be arrested and the police don’t always get it right.

Because the government takes such an aggressive approach to the prosecution of these cases, it is particularly important to work with an experienced lawyer. I am a former prosecutor and judge with a knowledge base gained through decades of law practice.

Get A Lawyer’s Advice Now

There is no time to waste and no room for error after you have been charged with a crime such as domestic violence. A timely, determined response can reinforce your rights and help you move forward with minimal impact. Waiting too long to get legal advice, on the other hand, may result in harmful repercussions that will be hard to bounce back from.

To discuss your case with an attorney who really listens, call my firm, George E. Pattison Attorney at Law, at 513-286-3392, or fill out this online contact form to schedule a confidential consultation.