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Securing Financial Support For Children Of Divorced Or Separated Parents 

Ohio’s statutes that determine child support are guided by a formula that takes income and other factors into account. However, it is important for you to understand that the laws relating to child support are not black and white, and unique factors can impact the financial result of the formula. Does your child have special needs? Is your income variable from year to year? Whether you will pay or receive child support, you need an experienced family law attorney on your side to help protect your rights and your children’s welfare.

I am attorney George E. Pattison. I am deeply familiar with the laws regarding child support in this state. As a prosecutor, I helped design the current child support system still in use in Clermont County. I can help you achieve the most favorable outcome available through the child support system.

I Am Here For You And Your Child(ren)

At the Ohio family law firm of George E. Pattison Attorney at Law, I provide full-service guidance and representation in all areas of child support, including the following:

  • Support establishment
  • Parents’ income calculations
  • Considerations regarding child custody and its effect on support obligations
  • Support modifications
  • Garnishments
  • Contempt

Get Trustworthy Advice And Assistance

When you don’t know where to turn regarding your child support case, I am here to help. Whether you have an existing support order or need to establish an initial support order for your children because of a divorce or separation, I can guide you through the process. Rest assured, I am efficient and focused on getting results without complications or delays whenever possible.

To discuss your case with an attorney who really listens, call 513-286-3392 or fill out this online contact form to schedule a confidential consultation.