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Criminal defense attorneys can only examine your case from their own experiences & perspective.

Experience matters and very few attorneys have a résumé like mine. Since I have served as a Judge, County Prosecutor and as a private attorney, you will benefit from my experience in each of these positions. This will help us develop a defense strategy that serves your interests best, and ensures that your criminal defense is effective.

As a prosecutor for more than 13 years, I ran an office of attorneys and staff responsible for all misdemeanor and felony prosecutions in the county. This means that I understand how prosecutors approach different charges and how the facts of your case can be used to achieve a positive outcome.

As a Clermont County Municipal Court Judge, I was one of three judges overseeing a docket of approximately 40,000 cases each year. This means that I understand the normal court practices, the most common evidentiary issues that can turn a case in your favor, and when cases are appropriate for trial or when a plea agreement is in your best interest.

Throughout my time in the criminal justice system, I have been involved in countless cases. I put that experience to work helping my own clients resolve their criminal charges in the most favorable way possible.

Criminal Defense Services

My firm is prepared to assist you in nearly any matter related to criminal defense, including:

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