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Experience is about more than just years in practice. It’s also about what you do with those years. By either standard, few attorneys are as experienced as George E. Pattison.Learn more about George E. Pattison by following the link to his résumé below:

Work As A Judge

From 2011 through 2015, Mr. Pattison served as one of three elected judges in Clermont County Municipal Court. The court decided about 40,000 cases each year, including criminal and civil matters, and operated a probation department of 21 members.

Work As A Prosecutor

From 1975 through 1988, attorney Pattison worked for Clermont County as an assistant prosecuting attorney and then in the elected role of County Prosecutor. His responsibilities included leading an office that employed 15 attorneys and 15 secretaries/clerks. The office was responsible for all misdemeanor and felony prosecutions, and for providing civil representation for nearly all political subdivisions in Clermont County.

Private Practice

Since 1972, George E. Pattison has also consistently been in private practice, except when he was an acting judge. In addition to his criminal defense work, he also practices extensively within the realm of civil law.

Community Involvement

In what little free time he’s had, George E. Pattison has also served his community through involvement in various civic organizations and activities. Although his affiliations are too numerous to list here, they include work with churches, mental health organizations, legal mentoring programs, community safety and law enforcement groups, citizen advisory boards, Rotary International and the Clermont County Chamber of Commerce. He has also been involved in politics at the local and state levels.

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